Art: Kyra
Art: Meegan

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 21 April 1926 ~ 8 September 2022

Meegan (L), Tanja (2nd L), Sean (2nd R), Kyra (R), and Hobbes 🐾 ❤️

An eclectic bunch of weirdo photographers, who love exploring the world together! Tanja, from Switzerland, and Sean, from Vietnam, met at university in Paris where they lived for seven years. They moved to the Cayman Islands🌴, and have 2 children who were born and raised there, Meegan, and Kyra, and also a rescue adventure cat, Hobbes. We’re currently exploring in a 2017 Airstream named Bubbles, pulled by a 2016 Nissan Titian XD named Nemo.

Pictures from a few of our recent adventures.