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Lover’s Key State Park, Florida

What’s not to like about Florida in winter? Camping is possible at what feels like most of Florida’s state parks but in winter, busy season, you have to either plan ahead or get lucky...

Closing Out 2021

We wrapped up the year with friends in Washington, DC! The last and first time we visited the US capitol was during the severe winter storms of 2016. This time, it was quite a...

Sunsets on The Road

We have a knack for being on the road at sunset!

Sometimes, the Wildlife Comes to Us

You don’t aways have to go looking for wildlife. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of sitting still and looking around.

Hello 2021!

Happy New Year!

Looking Back at 2020

What is there to say about 2020? Like most people, we stayed relatively stationary and made the most of the situation. We had snow!

Outdoor Office & Internet 2.0

When working from anywhere, you learn to be flexible, to adapt, to improvise, and eventually overcome. At the beginning of the pandemic, knowing that I was going to be even more laptop bound, I...

Power Woes in the Desert

For the last two years, we have been able to travel to Alaska during the summer and avoid really hot temperatures. This year, COVID-19 has kept us stationary in New Mexico and has introduced...

COVID-19 Update, Still in New Mexico

Yes, we’re still in New Mexico and taking advantage of being stationary to take care of a number of maintenance projects. Spring has also sprung and the area is coming to life with all...