Alaska is on the Horizon

With a partial solar setup, we head west from Houston towards Portland, OR via the coast. Our first step is to get out of Texas. It takes us a few days and few stops along the way but we make the most of it starting with caves, then sand dunes, more caves and more dunes!

We head into California Central Valley for a brief stop in Sequoia National Park. From there, it was a quick jog to the coast and Half Moon Bay, where we catch-up with another university friend from Paris as well as play tourist, visiting San Francisco. We discovered a leak with our freshwater inlet only because we were on a concrete pad. Had we been on grass or gravel, we would likely not have noticed. Now understanding the Airstream service system, we contacted the closest Five Rivet dealer, Ultimate Airstream, in Fairfield and they took care of the problem for us, right in their parking lot. We also picked up some spare parts should this happen to us again in Alaska.

We eventually land in Portland, where we finalized our solar setup, spend time with my family, and enjoy lots of good food. We also participated in a Camping World podcast series, Stories from the Road. We had actually tried recording it when we were in New Orleans but had some audio issues so we rerecorded it. Next stop is our final rally point with 13roads before crossing into Canada.


“It's a magical world, Hobbes, ol' buddy... Let's go exploring!” - Calvin

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