From the Southwest to Canada

What a year we’re having!

From the Grand Canyon, we visited Lake Powell and then Bryce and Zion National Parks before returning to Boulder City and Las Vegas. While tackled some renovations, we pondered where to be for the solar eclipse. A group chat with fellow Airstreamers put us onto SolarFest in Madras, OR so we booked our tickets and made our way there.

The first stop was Lake Tahoe and another state capitol visit. Although Carson City was a self-guided tour, the capitol security officer was fabulous and this ended up being our favorite capitol yet! We then traveled to northern California and stayed in a US Forest Service campground before moving on to Oregon.

We visited more of my family in Portland, thoroughly enjoying the vibe, before pushing onto a state park, just shy of Solartown. Here we would meetup with 13roads with to anchor our group of sites for Solarfest. The others were traveling from further away and we wanted to ensure that we were all together for the event.

The eclipse was phenomenal, an experience like no other and Solarfest/Solartown was a resounding success – amazing since it was run by volunteers. We were all friends after having spent the better part of five days in close proximity.

As we all parted ways, we considered heading back across to Maine but ended up aiming to visit some other Cayman friends that moved to the Toronto area. Along the way we stayed at our first Walmart resort in Idaho. All went well though it was little nerve wracking. We ended stopping to see Devils Tower NM, met some South Dakotan road friends in the Black Hills, and then dropped down to visit Badlands NP.

On our way to moochdock with our South Dakotan friends in Aberdeen, we stopped to tour the South Dakota capitol. We then pushed east and visited the capitols of Minnesota and Wisconsin. Our final camp before heading into Canada is in New York, on Lake Ontario. Our first international experience was spent at a conservation area, spectating the Canadian show jumping circuit and sampling some interesting food.


“It's a magical world, Hobbes, ol' buddy... Let's go exploring!” - Calvin

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